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2015 5k Better Days Ahead Poker Run/Walk

Last minute registration

Eager to get to the track

Waiting for the crack timing crew to get the race started

Crack timing crew

Get on your mark, get set, woosh!

Out of the way photo guy

Great day for a run

High speed corner - leaning in

Grabbing a card

So this is the crack timing team?

Follow me, this is the way it's done

Be an ace, be an ace...

I think I gained some time in the turn

I hope I get a better hand than mom

First finisher heading in

First place male heading in

Tallying the hand

Wow! Three of a kind!

Speaking about what this race helped support

Proud winner of the second fastest male runner prize and the best hand grand prize

Did we tell you how helpful your Beta kids were?

They are a great group

Many thanks

to the runners and walkers who turned out

and to the sponsors, donors,

board, Beta Club members, staff,

photographer, and everyone else

who helped make our 2015 race a success.

Sponsors list will be posted later today.

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